National says no to ETS

No bullshit emission tradingNational has wisely shafted the government over the ETS. Leaving them oncce again at the mercy of the fleas on the Poodles arse.

[quote]In a policy announcement on Sunday morning, leader John Key has revealed the party will not be supporting the scheme in its current form.

Previously National has not said whether it will co-operate over the bill.

Key says the government is cutting corners and risking people’s financial security.

He says National will not support the ETS unless it is fiscally neutral and closely aligned with that being put forward by the Australian government later this year.

Key acknowledges that means emissions trading legislation may be held over until the next parliament.[/quote]

That pretty much means that the government’s sussssssstainability message for this election is in tatters. They have almost no chance of getting through the parliament.