Now this really is funny

Fury over ‘unethical’ warming website – 08 May 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Some warmists are upset because some “deniers” are using their research to prove that the planet isn’t warming and climate change isn’t the catastrophe that proven liar Albert Gore has said it was.

The funny part is they call the “denier” site “unethical”. Sheesh you can’t get more unethical than claiming humans are responsible for Global Warming when the data demonstrably shows otherwise.

Jim Salinger continues the lie by saying;

[quote]that he and the other New Zealand scientists all felt their work had been misinterpreted. “We say global warming is real.”[/quote]

Oh yeah Jim, then how come the planet hasn’t warmed since 1998 and is in fact cooling….how saw you now…is it just a blip? Is ten years of proof the planet is cooling enough for you?

Liars calling truth-seekers unethical….really very funny. Dr Jim Salinger accuses anyone of opposing their myopic world view of being in the pay of Oil companies when they themselves receive funding based on them continuing to prove the lie about climate change by organisations with far more cash than oil companies, governments.

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