Oh Dear and on budget day too

In a week from hell the government’s only proper possibility of a good news day, budget day, just imploded on them.

Cameron Bagrie from ANZ National will release a damning report about government spending tomorrow.

[quote]”What we basically did was went, look, if you assume they are your necessities or your frontline government spending, let’s compare the growth rate in expenditure in those areas versus the growth rate and expenditure to the departmental government spending behind the scenes.

“Lo and behold, the Government’s departmental spending has massively outgrown the growth (of funds going) into that.”

Bagrie said: “The issue I want to get people’s heads around is it is not how much money you spend, because no-one knows what is the right level, but it is where the money goes.”[/quote]

The full details aren’t out yet but from indications the damage will be substantial. ANZ National doesn’t want to release it today or even tomorrow but soon as they believe that it is important for the public to be aware of the report before the election.