Oh Yeah, we'll see

Clark digs in: Climate law will go aheadPrime Minister Helen Clark has rejected a National Party call for a delay to the introduction of her Government’s proposed climate change legislation.
Helen Clark said last night such a move would only add to taxpayers’ costs.
[NZ Politics]

Clark is still going down the sussssssstainability path by pursuing recklessly the ill thought-out Emissions Trading Scheme.

If this law is as well constructed as the Electoral Finance Act then New Zealand is doomed to die a slow death under a burdensome and silly law that will solve nothing.

Someone in the media has to ask Clark a simple question “Why the undue haste?”

She has taken eight and a bit years to anything and even then she and her party have cocked it up, so again why the undue haste? What’s a few more months? Nowhere in the world has this scheme as proposed been successful, in fact they have all been abject failures, so again why the undue haste?

If the Greens had any semblence of integrity they would pull support too. Of course they are for different reasons, but they should pull support and help put the final nails in Labour’s coffin.

As for the bullshit statement that our exposure increases by delay, well just look at Helen’s record on climate change.