Yesterdday Education minister Chris Carter was full of confidence, today we find out the real truth.

Far from there being no teacher shortage this year we find that;

[quote]The ministry’s first-term staffing survey of schools showed 17.1 per cent of all secondary school vacancies were in technology teaching, while 16.8 per cent were in maths teaching. Demand was also high in the English, Maori and food and technology areas.

Overall, the rate of vacancies was in line with that of the past four years.

The study showed South Auckland had the largest number of readvertised jobs – an indication the positions were “hard to staff” – while Northland had the greatest proportion of readvertised jobs.[/quote]

“Inline with that of the past four years” huh! That is quite a way from “No teacher shortage this year”. The situation can’t be both.

Carter also uses statistics to hide the truth by saying that staff levels are 99% filled, sounds good doesn’t it until you look at the the other stats the ministry provided. Then you can see right through the spin of the minister.

The arrogance of these chumps remains unabated despite their parlous poll ratings.