Poll disaster stalking Labour

Labour’s poll disaster is stalking them like death at the moment. Last week it was the Fairfax poll, which predictably the client-blogs called “rogue”. This week it is the Roy Morgan and likely a Colmar Brunton on Sunday night.

The Roy Morgan shows the rot has set in and Labour is seriously in the doldrums. If they thought the “Winter of Discontent” was bad then they’ll be wishing for some global warming in the polls department.

Here are the numbers;

National 49% (down 0.5%)

Labour 35% (down 1%)

Greens 7.5% (up 1%)

NZ First 4% (down 0.5%)

Maori Party 2.5% (up 0.5%)

ACT NZ 1% (unchanged)

United First NZ 0.5 (down 0.5%)

These results are looking bad, and the punters are blaming the government for the worsening of the economic situation.

Government Confidence negative