Poneke is having a cry

Poor old Poneke is having a cry because this blog slays his pontificating arse in any blog stat measure you care to choose, along with every other lefty lickspittle blog…..oh cry me a river of tears. (BTW even the SST uses lickspittle now)

Like most old journo hacks who love the sound of their own opinions he has had to resort to the new media and as soon as he gets there he craps up the joint with precisely the sort of whining and muelling that bloogers can’t stand and why they read blogs instead of magazines and newspapers.

Harden the fuck up you little whiny assed soft cock. You’re in the blogosphere now not some closeted socialist rag where you all sit round over a cup of Choysa and moan to each other how the hoi polloi don’t understand the benefits of socialism.