Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Kiwi Heroes from VietnamFran O’Sullivan echoes what I and others have said about Helen’s forced apology to the Vietnam Veterans. Like John Howard she will forever be remebered for not saying sorry and she sure has got a great deal to be sorry for.

[quote]But as the Yeats quotation goes, the apology “lacked all conviction” – the Prime Minister did not use the word “sorry”.

I had hoped that Clark – a student leader of the Vietnam protest movement herself – could have injected a personal note with some honest reflection on the role our protesting generation played in the shameful treatment which we also awarded to the returning soldiers who we taunted with allegations that they were “baby murderers” or worse.[/quote]

As they marched through Wellington today the words of Fran O’Sullivan would have been remembered and Clark’s and Goff’s actioned remembered also.

For Clark though sorry seems to be the hardest word.