Speaking of flabby butts

More on the saga that is Porkchop has raised its head including previously un-published photographs, clearly taken with a wide, extremely wide angle lens. RealityTV has a crack at the very large target Porkchop presents.

Is Porkchop the Mary-Anne Thompson of the gossip industry?

Well, no answers have been forthcoming from the Chopster so based on the very good evidence provided the MA seems to be a figment of someones imagination.

And doesn’t Shayne Currie just get the mauling he’s deserving of for his incredibly poor maths. Based on his sums there wouldn’t be enough profit from Porkchops column to meet her payments to Mallard’s girlfriend, in fact is Spy magazine profitable at all?

Is that a hole in the hose I see on her right leg?

Fashion disaster!!!