Thai worker says 'Big Dad' Field told him to lie

Thai worker says 'Big Dad' Field told him to lieA Thai overstayer who tiled MP Taito Phillip Field’s house in Samoa says Field gave him 1000 tala ($553) after asking him to lie to police about the work he had done for him.

Sunan Siriwan, who referred to Field twice as “Big Dad”,… [NZ Politics]

The Labour MP that both Clark and Cullen described as being “guilty of nothing more than being helpful” is sitting in court each day listening to mounting evidence of his callous exploitation of workers.

I call him el Jefe, but the worker who he exploited had another name, “Big Dad”.

Which reminds me of a joke that may well apply to “Big Dad”.

A new prison arrives at Paremoremo and is put in a cell with the biggest gang member he has ever seen. He moves about setting himself up and trying to be as innocuous as possible. Finally he plops down on his bunk thinking he has got through the worse of it when the Gang member who had been glowering at him through all of this finally speaks.

“Hey you!, Do you want to be Mummy or Daddy?”

The new convict is scared witless, and uhms and ahhs for a bit before saying “I’ll be Daddy”.

“Good” the gang member replies, “then come over here and suck Mummy’s cock”

For some irony have a look at this Google search.(fourth image on the top row)