The higher the better as far as I'm concerned

New Zealand's future under labourOn a personal note I think the higher the better as far as fuel prices go and $2.50 isn’t nearly high enough to achieve my own personal and highly selfish goal of empty roads so I can travel unimpeded.

However on a more serious note, higher fuel prices will accelerate the tanking of th economy as workers find that they can no longer afford to travel to work, that public transport can’t get them there short of a two hour trip with 15 interchanges and 1000m of walking.

Not only that the cost to freight anything becomes loaded into absoluely everything, trucking companies go to the wall and business start contracting.

The pity is that it is the poor that suffer and that National once again has to rescue New Zealand from the clutches of inept socialists who have squandered the best years this country has ever had in order to pursue an agenda that hasn’t improved anyone life in New Zealand, least of all the poor.