The hurt keeps piling on

Labour’s hurt keeps on rolling. The polls continually show Labour trailing by tear watering differentials.

Todays Roy Morgan Poll continues the hurt for the Clarkists, with a 14.5% split.

National: 49.5% (up 2.5)

Labour: 35.5% (up 1)

Greens are down 1.5 points at 6.5%

NZ First up 0.5 to 4.5%

Worse though are two other stats from the polling showing that 0.5% (up 3%) said they thought things were heading in the wrong direction. The Auckland stats are the real killer for Labour with National on 52% and Labour on 33%, amassive 19 point gap. Lose Auckland and you lose the country.

Also contrary to claims by the Labour client-blogs that the rend is your friend and that shows Labour? support growing, Farrar’s poll of polls shows quite the opposite.