The hypocrisy of Clark

This is what Rodney Hide said in parliament on 19 October 2004,

[quote]This is what Helen Clark said in 1999: “The Labour Government will set new standards”. That is what Helen Clark promised-she promised new standards, and we have seen new standards. Then she said that the Labour Government would set new standards “both in terms of behaviour and performance”. It has. We have seen a whole new level of performance and behaviour from this Government. Then the Prime Minister Helen Clark went on to say, “so that we govern for the people and are accountable to them.” That was the promise. Look at the result.

Here is another Helen Clark promise from Hansard of 8 February 2000, in her address as Prime Minister:“This Government wants to abandon the culture of golden handshakes negotiated in secrecy, and”-members will love this one-“to abandon the culture of paying people for doing nothing.”[/quote]

So bearing that all in mind it is with some wry amusement that I read today in the Hos about the $350,000 exit package given to Former Transpower boss Ralph Craven.

The Herald also kindly tells us about all the other abandonments of “the culure of golden handshakes” so that we can see exactly how hollow the words of our prime minister really are.


January 2000: New Zealand Post manager Robyn Leeming paid $150,000-$180,000 to leave her job. (before Clark even made her statement she was breaking it)

January 2000: Police Commissioner Peter Doone hired to work in the PM’s office for six months and kept his $275,000 salary for that period. (Again before Clark even made her statement she was breaking it)

July 2000: Healthlink South chief executive Jane Parfitt paid $265,000

December 2004: Cambridge High principal Alison Annan receives up to $50,000 after reaching a confidential mediation agreement with the school.

December 2007: Kapiti Coast former chief executive Leigh Halstead received a $280,000 golden handshake and new car.