Too late for the panic button

Demolition, annihilation and rout, all words used to describe Labour’s future propects.

Tracy Watkins in the DomPost today discusses that Labour have left it too late even to push the panic button.

[quote]finally, the desperate knowledge that even hitting the panic button probably won’t work. That, barring the heavens answering their prayers for an election-losing blunder by John Key, the two most likely scenarios now are to lose or to lose badly.[/quote]

I’d like them to go for the lose badly choice. Then we get to enjoy watching them evicerate each other in opposition. You see if they both lose or lose badly then the list (Helen’s chosen few) will out number the constituent MP’s (Goff, Hawkins, Duynhoven etc). Labour’s list will be so breft of any talent and after copping a flogging of the severity that is coming then Clark will bail and set off a by-election. The blood will run thick and long.

I hope and pray that the rumours of Maryan Street and Cun(t)liffe are true.