Trouble shooters to vet all party ads

Trouble shooters to vet all party adsLabour Party has set up a powerful central vetting committee, including Helen Clark’s chief of staff, Heather Simpson, to inspect every proposed publication by every Labour candidate and every Labour MP in election year.
The party…
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Audrey Young writes about the new politburo set up by Labour for vetting all party advertising, websites and missives before they go out for compliance under the “commonsense” law the Electoral Finance Act.

The fact that they had to do this shows that there are not too many members or indeed candidates in the Labour Party that have any commonsense.

The article does however raise some interesting questions.

– Why is the partybeing run from the ninth floor?

– Why are taxpayer provided premises being used to run the Labour Party?

– Why aren’t Labur using their Willis Street HQ for these meetings?

– Why are taxpayer funded staff Heather Simpson, Jenny Michie, communications manager in the Prime Minister’s Office Andrew Cutler, and a staff member from the Labour whip’s office being used for these meetings?

-Surely their salaries must be counted now as an election expense?

I think it is hugely embarrasing for Labour to admit that “lack of clarity and uncertainty” over the new act have caused them to set up a largely state funded politburo to look over their advertisements.

One thing that is positive is now if their any breaches from Labour the police know exactly who to go to for serving of prosecution notices.