Union trying to shut us up

The EPMU is trying to shut us up.

They want the public to be stopped from laying complaints under the Electoral Finance Act.

If that isn’t an attack on our freedoms then what is?

We warned that this draconian law would lead to more draconian action on the part of those attempting to reduce out personal freedoms and now we see that that is coming true with the EPMU, almost as an act of retribution, asking the High Court to rule that the public has no right to object to non-political parties applying for permission to spend up to $120,000 in an election year.

“No right” to object. Read it and be very afraid that the EPMU and the Labour party don’t want us, the people, having a say, at all.

It should be no surprise that after the government and its support parties ignored the public will and implemented this draconian law, that we now set about showing the bastards up for the hypocrites that they are.

In fact I am now going to make it personal mission in life to find as many breaches as possible and lay a complaint on very single one of them. It is my duty as a citizen to report law breaches and so therefore I will.

I call on every other freedom loving citizen to do likewise until the EC is swamped with so many complaints that drastic action needs to be taken or the law retracted.