Whoopsy looks like the public likes Ian's book

TBR.cc: Absolute Power goes to #1

The leftists have tried very hard to ignore and then to vilify Ian’s book, Absolute Power, on the basis of one chapter. Most lefty commentators have not even bought the book let alone read it. They take as gospel the “sage” words from veteran Clark apologists and mendacious journalists as gospel.

Ian Wishart has much better credentials than terrorism supporter and trust fund baby Nicky (rhymes with tricky) Hager, yet they quote endlessly from his work of fiction, based upon stolen material as though it was gospel. Wishart in contrast uses public information from Electoral Rolls, Council records etc and somehow the left thinks it is fiction.

Well bad news lefty wankers, Kiwis are buying the book in droves and now it is NZ’s number one best seller – Non-Fiction.

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