Government buys back rail and ferries – 05 May 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Nothing epitomises the difference between the government and National than todays announcement that the government is to buy back Toll’s rail and Ferry business.

National is forward looking and wanting to invest in technology infrastructure for the 21st century whilst Labour is backwards looking and squanders millions on a 19th century technology infrastructure that is so bad that not even Toll wanted it.

The directors of Toll will be dancing the jig that we have Michael Cullen for a finance minister. This is what Cullen has to say;

Finance Minister Michael Cullen said buying the rail operating business was the best way to increase investment in the industry and make it more responsive to customers’ needs.

“The Best Way”. excuse me!! If it was the best way then Toll would have been fighting off the buyers, instead you were the only one. Anyone I know who finds out that they are the only buyer of an asset that the current owner no longer wants then sets about stealing it for next to nothing. But our socialist masters know best don’t they and just paid a small fortune so Michael Cullen can play with the trainset he never had as a kid.

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