Yeah right, she's already returned us to Muldoon

Helen Clark reckons that ditching MMP will return us to Muldoon days. Quite ironic since she has surpassed Muldoon in her dictatorial, doctrinaire adherence to socialist , feminist dogma.

She shows an arrogance far surpassing Muldoon by saying that a review of MMP had been done without elucidating who did that review. As she won’t, I’ll tell you who, it was the turkey’s who had a review and decided that Thanksgiving and Christmas should be canceled. Can anyone spell CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

People are clamouring for a referendum and they will get it under a National government. The reason why Clark doesn’t want a referendum is because she can’t guarantee the results and the hoi polloi must ever be allowed to have a choice.

I heard on Danny Watson’s show this afternoon a crusty old bugger say he had been a life long supporter of Labour but no more, because of National’s promise to hold a referendum he will vote for them. Looks like another 5% coming off Labour’s support.

Everyone who has slammed National’s stance of asking the electorate have missed the point as well that National isn’t proposing that we return to FPP, just asking if they want to keep MMP. Clearly the anti-democrats of the left don’t want the people to have a say.


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