A Factual Misunderstanding

David “I’m running the show” Cunliffe has brought new levels of expertise to obfuscation. Today in the house he even invented a new phrase “factual misunderstanding”

Craig Foss: Can the Minister confirm that documents released under the Official Information Act show that he advised officials in December 2007 that he wished to appoint Sir John Anderson as commissioner at the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, which was months before he expressed no confidence in the previous board and issued his ultimatum to the board demanding that it justify its continued position?

Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE: No. All I can say is that my final decision was not made until the afternoon of 27 February. The member is referring to a factual misunderstanding concerning a mistake made by the Ministry of Health in the release of papers, some of which were incomplete. This will be explained in court proceedings, and I can comment no further on it.

What exactly is a factual misunderstanding? Is it a misunderstanding of facts or a real misunderstanding? God good even George W Bush mangles english better than that.

The simple fact is that David “Mirror, mirror on the wall” Cunliffe has annoyed several people including Helen Clark and they have appealed to immmense ego by asking him to tidy up this little mess that Annette “Full moon” King and her husband have created in collusion with Hausmannn. The hearing in August will be interesting to say the least.

Now about these documents…I think there may well be someone in the MinHealth that has taken a dislike to David “Boy Wonder” Cunliffe and decided to show him just who is really running the show.