Another Weapon of Mass Distraction

Weapon of Mass DistractionAuckland capital idea gets mixed reaction (+photos)Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey is advocating a shift of government north from Wellington while his colleagues from the North Shore and Auckland City are split.
Mr Harvey told the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Auckland Governance that…
[Auckland News]

It looks like Bob Harvey has been tagged by labour to provide another weapon of mass distraction for the beleagured pary. Remember Mallard’s attempt with the Waterfront Stadium?

Aaron Bhatnagar has noticed as well.

Just what is the government trying to distract us from? Was it Bollards warning yesterday? The parlous state of the economy? Perhaps it was Shane Jones on talkback, but he screwed that up by actually mentioning how great Bollard is.

Quite frankly we want parliament in Auckland like we want cancer.