Baygate rises again -Minsterial Meddling proven

The appalling situation at Hawkes Bay District Health Board where Minister Cunliffe sacked the board and cited numerous erroneous reasons for doing so has again risen from the grave to bite the “Boy Wonder” on the prverbial.

Craig Foss has diligently pursued this and has been reward with the release of information under the OIA to show that not only was the sacking of the board pre-determined and his consultation a farce but that he had already secretly appointed Sir John Anderson as his puppet before the decision was made.

[quote]A memo from Health Ministry funding manager Julie Patterson to Mr Cunliffe revealed that he had advised officials to consider proposed appointments of Sir John Anderson and Brian Roche at a February 13 meeting.

The memo also stated that the commissioners would take office from February 14 – one week before he asked the board to explain its financial situation, and two weeks before he sacked the board.[/quote]

The shenangins at the HBDHB to protect Annette “Full Moon” King and her husband along with Hausmann are bordering on farcical and the more we learn the more more we can see why an Independent Crime and Corruption Commission needs to urgently be established to investigate matters such as these.

David “I’m running the show” Cunliffe must stop obficating and come clean on why he took these actions and who ordered him to as the stench of collusion and corruption is slowly leaking its way to the surface.

One wonders whether labour will get out of the teens in Hawke’s Bay and scrape through to the twenties. I suspect not the longer this goes on.