Bill Ralston: Hippo dee doo dah, hippo …

Bill Ralston: Hippo dee doo dah, hippo …I have always been fond of the hippos at Auckland Zoo. They have the kind of sedentary lifestyle I wish I could enjoy. They lie almost all day virtually fully submerged in giant baths, with only their eyes, nose and ears protruding,… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston talks about Hippo’s, crap and the Greens. He is less than enthused about Wussel Norman’s attack on Snorkel the Hippo (no I’m not talking about Porkchop).

It is very funny.

One thing I learned at an early age when the Hippos were a lot closer than they now are at Auckland Zoo is that when their tail starts spinning exiting the viewing platform is not only wise but essential. I have even taught my kids this as the tail gives you an early warning of the immense spray of shit that is coming your way.

I have seen many a punter covered from head to toe while we pointed and laughed having narrowly missed the shower of shit because of the early warning signal.