Bill Ralston: Looming demise of a dinosaur

Kick Winston Peters in the ballsBill Ralston: Looming demise of a dinosaurYou can never write off Winston Peters. That well worn cliche is trotted out by commentators at every election. Except, this election, I believe at last we can write off Peters. I suspect even he is no longer confident of ever again… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston give Winston a right good kicking in the balls today in the Herald on Sunday.

Winston’s favourite election screaming about asians is now falling on deaf ears because despite all of his rhetoric most people have discovered that asians actually make great neighbours, they aren’t filling our prisons and they have added to the melting pot of cultures that now exist in new Zealand despite Winston’s “Fortress NZ” mentality.

Of course the daily fact that he can read the demise of his supporters in the death notices leads me to agree with Bill Ralston that Winston’s day is done.

There is also another bit of news about Winston today that should make every right thiking Kiwi’s hair stand on end. Winston has made 10 donations to anonymous charities and refuses to tell us who they are. Since it was our money he donated then the very least he could do is name them so we can boycott them for recieving stolen funds.

Finally a bit of levity about Winston from Uncyclopedia. Apparently Winston Peters;

  • Enjoys the taste of human flesh.
  • Is a sufferer of potentially deadly penis disorder bicycle helmet.
  • Is Chinese
  • Is named after Winston Churchill. When Churchill found out
    Peters had been named for him he unsuccessfully tried to have his name
    changed to Barry.
  • Is sexually attracted to himself
  • has erotic fantasies about Gerald Way
  • likes to fuck the tax-payer
  • attends the Bohemian Grove