Clark blames bottleshops

PM pushes for blitz on bottle shopsPrime Minister Helen Clark wants to crack down on the number of liquor outlets in poor areas of New Zealand in the wake of killings and robberies that have shocked the country.
She said yesterday that she wants Parliament to revisit…
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Good god almighty, when will the government actually take some responsibility for something.

At the beginning of the year as a crime and murder spree hit South Auckland the Police and Justice Minister, Annette “Commonsense” King, blamed it all on the heat of summer and the full moon.

Last week there was yet another crime and murder spree in South Auckland. A shopkeeper dies and an elderly woman.

The Goverment’s response? Mr Singh killed himself because he ran a bottleshop!

You laugh at my conjecture but how else can you interpret Clark’s deeply insensitive comments about Bottleshops being the cause of crime in South Auckland and her hint demand that parliamanet look into it.

One can only assume she lays the blame of Mr Singh’s death fairly and squarely at him for providing a liquor outlet for his customers to turn on him.

When will the government admit that their vaunted social policies have failed, that crime is out of control in South Auckland and the Police have given up?