Comical Ali getting desperate

Winston "Ali" PetersComical Ali is getting desperate. Flailing in the polls and Tauranga ebbing away like the backwash after a tsunami Comical Ali needs a scandal..any scandal….a Cook Strait Ferry is unlikely toscrape it arse on queue and there are no more airports coming up for sale anytime soon…..I know he says let’s invent a conspiracy…worked before…can’t call this one the Winebox though.

Thus Winston has dreamed up yet another scandal to try to support his flagging ratings.

This time it is a conspiracy between Labour and National to cover-up the economic sabotage of the Reserve Bank!

Not only that the eviiiiiil media are complicit in the cover-up as well.

[quote]”What is even more disturbing about this is that there is no public outcry because the two old parties operate a conspiracy of silence over the Reserve Bank Act,” Mr Peters said.

“The media have been complicit in this.”[/quote]

Oh just fuck off already Winston! No one is listening to your bluster anymore.