Cool Knife

The WASP Injector knife looks like a cool knife on the surface. Though if you get close enough to have to use it that would be too close for me.

Nevertheless some bright spark came up with the concept of injecting CO2 into the wound caused by the stabbing to inflict even more damage.

[quote]WASP Injector KnifeThe WASP knife is fairly simple in principle; the removable handle contains a bulb of compressed gas, and there’s a thumb button which releases that gas almost instantly through a thin tube that exits near the point of the blade. The gas is expelled at around 850psi of pressure, and expands to around the size of a basketball inside whatever the knife has been poked into. The handle unscrews to fit new gas bulbs, and it’s easy to carry more than one handle if there’s the chance that the knife’s lethal charge could be needed more than once in relatively quick succession.

The initial gas release is extremely cold, and can snap-freeze all tissue and organs in the area surrounding the blast, which has a devastating and instant effect on the hapless victim. The effect is compounded if used on an underwater predator – not only is there the instant shock and freezing effect, but the large injection of air causes the recipient to float upwards, and as it rises and the atmospheric pressure decreases, the ball of air continues to expand with catastrophic consequences.[/quote]

Ok so far so good, but I think I’d still prefer a rather large hail of bullets to defeat any attacker.