Cullen: Economy has gone into reverse since New Year

Cullen gets an F on the economyCullen: Economy has gone into reverse since New YearFinance Minister Michael Cullen says economic conditions have worsened since the Budget, and figures out next week are likely to show the economy has shrunk in the first quarter of this year.
Dr Cullen appeared before a parliamentary…
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Michael Cullen has managed to tank the NZ economy..he is now predicting negative growth which really means a contraction in the economy.

That shows that all of his spending in the golden years has been for nought, it was wasteful useless spending that ahsn’t added any resilience of long term benefit to the economy.

Cullen also has hosed down expectations in the burgeoning state service sector of any pay rises of any significance to cover the hoorendous and out of control inflation in food and fuel. Looks like Labour may well have lost their last remaining allies, the Civil service. I can’t wait for the Roy Morgan poll this afternoon.

Michael best spend the next few months dusting off his lack lustre CV and see if he can find a university that will take him as a relief lecturer.