Discretion assured on cellphone ban

Stupid cellphone banDiscretion assured on cellphone banPolice officers will be able to exercise discretion when deciding whether to pull over drivers who use cellphones in cars under a Government plan to ban the use of hand-held devices while driving.
But anyone who blatantly breaches…
[NZ Politics]

Tell me again why we need this kneejerk reactive law?

Now, worse, we hear this will be yet another “discretion” law. Why can’t our law makers just make a law that doesn’t require the police to use their rather slow cognitivve resources?

In fact why bother at all with this law? It isn’t needed, it isn’t justified and it won’t work. As Oswald said in his usual blunt way, “Those addicted to the habit of texting are as likely to give it up as a teenage boy is to swear off wanking!”

As proof that it won’t work I offer you our drink driving laws. It is illegal to drink and drive and that law has been really successful instamping out drink driving……oh wait!

It is a silly law, brought up by an increasingly desperate government trying to divert attention from its continuing ineptitude. There are more important things we could be doing to save lives (the excuse for this law) like funding Herceptin, way more cost effective than a law banning the use of cellphones in a car, plus more people get saved.