EFA just keeps on giving to National

Emails reveal fibs on brochureInland Revenue canned a KiwiSaver brochure because of fears it would be used for electioneering, despite at the time saying it was pulled for commercial reasons.
National Party deputy leader Bill English tabled IRD emails in Parliament…
[NZ Politics]

I can’t hardly wait for the leftist Labour Party sponsored bloggers to accuse me and David of orchestrating opposition to the EFA so it would force Labour to dig in and pass it knowing that the bill was fatally flawed in the first place….it is all a consipracy I tell you…a conspiracy to defeat Labour with their own laws.

The Electoral Finance Act is just he best gift labour have given National. No matter how desperately the numpties like “Full Moon” King try to spin it the law is worse than an ass….The hits for Labour just keep on coming.

Yes Bill English served up another slapping by revealing that IRD pulled some pamphlets because they were too sucky towards the Labour Party. The Labour Party’s master plan to have felching and fawning brochures pouring out of government departments has fallen over.

The opposite of what labour wanted is happening and their back-bench is is revolt. They are clinging to the forlorn hope that they will be returned but are unable to spend their publicly funded money on any promotion for the clear and present fear of electoral petitions overturning the results.

I can tell you that I know of at least 3 ministers and 4 sitting Labour MP’s that should be very, very worried about electoral petitions and getting convicted of a corrupt practice never to be seen again like Reg Boorman. The cases that are planned are a slam dunk now and those hinted at haven’t even begun to spend their $20k. That’ll just make matters worse for them.