Election year bonus for union buddies

Today in the house today Judith Collins highlighted a lovely little rort that Labour ‘s mates the PSA have got going.

Judith Collins: Is it not true that Ministry of Social Development union members received bonuses in the election years of 2002 and 2005, and that now in 2008 they have been told they will get $750 each; and does this not imply that the bonus is the payback for the Public Service Association yet again campaigning for Labour in an election year?

Hon RUTH DYSON: No, that is not correct. The union negotiation covering the collective agreement by the respective workers does not always fall in an election year. Some years it does-in fact, once every 3 years it falls in an election year. In the other years it is not in an election year.

What an amazing coinicdence! PSA member all get a bonus in the years that seem unusually to coincide with elections.

Judith Collins: How can she justify awarding staff election-year bonuses just for being a member of the Public Service Association (PSA), and should not bonuses be related to employment performance rather than union membership?

Hon RUTH DYSON: That is a matter for the chief executive.

Judith Collins: When is this Minister going to take some responsibility; what is the connection between election-year bonuses to union members and the PSA’s campaign against larger tax cuts on behalf of the Labour Party-is she now going to say there is no connection?

Hon RUTH DYSON: There is no connection between the election year and the year in which the negotiations come into effect. If there are any parts of the agreement to be delivered they are delivered every year, not just in an election year. The implication that the member makes is disgraceful.

No Minister, what is disgraceful is that you can get a bonus simply for being a member of the union with no consideration for productivity and it seems that this cosy little arragement magically coincides with elections.

There is a word for this and it is spelt B R I B E R Y.