Free Parking in Newmarket

When I was in Newmarket to interview Rodney I came across an unexpected bonus.

Free Carparking!

I know, you can’t believe it but in Newmarket, the domain of shameless self promoter Cameron Brewer I really did get free carparking and not just you piddling 30 minutes free cause you deigned to shop there parking either.

After I interviewed Rodney i strolled across to the ASB to get some cash because the carpark at Nuffield Street doesn’t take credit cards or txt’s just cash and there is no noddy to take your ticket either. So cash it was.

After I got the cash I trotted on down and then found that I had misplaced my ticket. Truth be known it is on the floor of Priscilla’s office. Anyway I was standing there doing the Aussie Haka and swearing like the proverbial when I looked up and saw a car enter the barrier….it was only 10 paces to the machine and so I trotted over and pushed the button for a ticket.

Wonders of wonders it actually gave me one and so I took it over to validate it and pay for parking when the validation machine thanked me for shopping at newmarket and told me the first 30 minutes was free. Since I had only got the ticket 30 seconds ago it validated it and I then got in the car and drove out.

Voila Free Car Parking at Newmarket. Fantastic plan Cameron, long may it continue.