Brenden SheehanWhaleoil scores!!!! Brenden Sheehan (Breasel) has quit as Botany Labour Candidate.

Whaleoil 1 -? 0 Axis of Weasel

The Labour list, I hear, is out, perhaps that is the reason? why
Breasel has quit rather than another “sick relative”. What chance his
family member’s illness was contrived in the face of Labours bad
polling and Sheehan’s likely rotten list ranking?

Mind you with predicted power outages this winter Brenden is probably hoping to cash in. Sucks to be a relative of his but.

So Breasel has gone. Rumors are flying that Raymond Huo, a Chinese lawyer, will run in Botany.

Huo – who describes himself as a Highly Unique Oriental – has close links to disgraced Labour candidate Stephen Ching and acted on his behalf – from what I hear on a pro bono basis, although that has yet to be confirmed – when Ching was mired by allegations of corruption and sleaze.

It sounds like Labour have gone from mook to crook in Botany.