Great Global Warming Swindle – Reader Review

A loyal reader has submitted a review and some observations about the GGWS.

Global Warming is BullshitI watched “The Global Warming Swindle”, and the (somewhat farcical) ‘debate’ that followed.

The preceding program was interesting. It was full of good information and at the very least plausible arguments. Certainly more compelling than any of Al Gore’s ‘facts’.
The debate afterwards however, was a 3 against 2 attack. Before the ‘skeptics’ could even state their point/argument, they were often shouted down to the point that they couldn’t even continue their statement. What we did hear from them was intelligent, before it got lost in the hysteria. David Wratt of NIWA was the worst – every time something that didn’t agree with his position he’d roll his eyes and deliver a limp wristed barrage – not contributing anything but not shutting up either – effectively shutting down any debate.

Climate change is happening, sure. It’s been happening for millions of years, and will continue to occur as long as the earth exists. The earth has been extremely hot, and extremely cold, with many many fluctuations inbetween. That’s not going to stop.

But any ‘evidence’ that it is man made is based on bad science. A correlation doesn’t prove a fact…. As the number of pirates in the world has decreased, global warming has increased. The decline of pirates is therefore the cause of global warming. (???)

And what the fuck was Cindy Baxter there for? – her biggest contribution was along the lines of “I’m confused by the science, so I’ll blame the scientists and George W Bush”.
Her argument against the ‘politicising’ of man made global warming is that governments wish it would just go away. Hello? You don’t need to look any further than our own borders. Helen Clark has made it her mission (despite not actually doing anything yet, thankfully), and implementing her carbon credits scheme will net our government (reportedly) between $6 billion and $22 billion. If that’s not an incentive what is?

I’ve had a few debates with my other half about climate change in the past. I’m obviously not a very good debater, as she still believed climate change was (to an extent) man made. She didn’t want to watch the program, but I did so she watched too. Unusually, it was a fairly vocal program for us, both making comments throughout the program & discussing it during the ad breaks. Even by about 15 minutes into it she was on the same songsheet as me.
She thought the worst thing about it was that it was on Prime, and wouldn’t get the viewers that it would on 1, 2 or 3. I pointed out that ‘believers’ wouldn’t watch it anyway – just as she wasn’t going to. I think mainly her problem was the distinction between ‘man made global warming’ and the issue of renewable energy.

While we are using non-renewable materials for fuel/electricity we have the looming danger of running out. We don’t know how long these will last and should be finding more efficient fuels and sources of electricity. There are a number of reasons for this – of which none are based on any of the flawed “climate change” hysteria. Efficiency means cheaper and more abundant fuel/power from what we’ve got. Fossil fuels are a limited resource. More efficient or renewable resources will ensure we’re not hamstrung by our increasing need for more power. This should not be confused by lumping it in with the Global Warming fanatical religion that it’s become.

Assuming for a moment, (as we are told) every small contribution to co2 emissions is important. I bet Cindy Baxter & David Wratt (& the other guy I don’t remember his name) didn’t walk, cycle, or ride a horse to the studio. There were probably a multitude of carbon emitting vehicles involved in the process. If so, do they really care? Hell, even breathing emits carbon – maybe they shouldn’t exhale??

It’s turned into a religion. “Believers” and “deniers”. If you believe in self flagellation, well that’s fine for you, but why must we automatically believe that anything bad (is warming bad?) is our own making? Why do we need to punish ourselves for something that is natural? How the hell will something like the Kyoto Protocol help anybody other than those with vested interests to make money?? Go take an overseas trip and buy your optional carbon credits. What exactly will that do? FUCK ALL. Where do your “carbon credits” go? Really, it doesn’t matter whether they go to Kyoto, to my bank account, or are buried in the garden – they ain’t gonna make a blind bit of difference to anything (unless they go to my bank account, which I’d prefer….)

Which says it all really. There is a lot of money being generated by this scam. And it’s all going into somebody’s bank account…