How out of favour is Maryan Street?

Hung out to DryVery out of favour if you consider the recent outburst from the Prime Minister.

She said said on NewstalkZB in an attempt to spin her and her minister out of trouble over the largesse that she promised would never happen on her watch, unfortunately Clark doesn’t appear to have been well briefed;

[quote]”These things never came to the attention of ministers,” she said on NewstalkZB.

“They didn’t know. This is a corporation which has an independent board, it has a chief executive who reports to that board.”[/quote]

There is a slight problem with her obfuscation and that is that Maryan Street was in fact on the board of Housing New Zealand after being appointed by the Labour Government in 2002 until 2005.

One of the events in question occured when Street was on the board. The stay at luxury resort Hotel & Spa du Vin which happened in

So it seems that Clark has hung Street out to dry, accusing her by implication and by ommission.

It is probably about now that Street will be wondering if Clark was poorly briefed or deliberately dropping the minister in the crap. Similarly Clark will be either searching for the researcher who led her to drop her minister in it or watching with a wry smile to see Street squirm.