If only Mugabe was white

A very good opinion piece about the hypocrisy of black Africa in the face of the excesses of Robert Mugabe.

When Ian Smith controlled Rhodesia in the 1970s, African countries rallied against it. Even the white racist government in South Africa demanded change and threatened to cut off electricity supplies if it didn’t happen. SO change came about and lo and behold we now have the tyrant Robert Mugabe wrecking the bread basket of Africa.

Thabo Mbeki sits on his hands and makes nothing but excuses for Robert Mugabe. Some facts now about Zimbabwe under Mugabe;

* Life expectency has dropped from the 60’s to the 30’s under Mugabe

* With inflation running at 10 million percent anyone with $90 is a trillionaire, virtually the whole country are millionaires in ZimBucks

* A loaf of bread costs $1 billion

No one is doing anything about the excesses of Mugabe which also far exceed anything that ever happened under Ian Smith. Not one black African nation will say a thing about Mugabe, in fact they all club together to stick up for him.

If Mugabe was white then his country would have been liberated years ago.