Is Bolger a Labour toady?

Jim Bolger is increasingly looking like a toady of the Labour Party. After destroying them in NZ’s biggest landslide he then set about after being dumped by Jenny Shipley in cosying up to Labour. He has sucked off the Labour tit as a board representative of NZ Post and Kiwibank.

I am increasingly sceptical of where his loyalties lie.

He is now being touted as the Chairman for Michael Cullen’s Trainset. As a former National party leader I would have thought he would have known better than to suck up to Cullen for this cushy little number.

It is thought that because the crusty old bastard is an old party leader that criticism would be blunted. I think that thinking is flawed. National should attack and attack hard, kicking Bolger at the same time as Labour. The man has clearly lost his integrity.