Is it really the bottleshops?

Helen Clark is full of bullhsitI’m calling bullshit on Clark’s bottleshop blame game.

The reason? Well simple math really.

In Manurewa ward there are 33? off licence liquor outlets for a population of 80,000 or one booze outlet for 2400 citizens. H0wick has 22 off licence liquor outlets for a population of 40,000 or one booze outlet for 1800 citizens.Clevedon has 11 off licencecs for a population of 10,000 citizens or one for every 833 citizens.

Going by Clark’s ridiculous suggestion by rights there should be blood in the streets in Howick because of the higher booze outlets than Manurewa. Also going by Clark’s suggestion there should be three times as many bodies piling up in the streets of Clevedon than Manurewa.

There are more liquor in Howick than Manurewa by head of population so theoretically in Helen Clark’s warped socialist mind there definately should be mayhem happening in Howick and bosies lining the streets of Clevedon.

Unfortunately for her and Annette King the facts do not match the reality of the situation.

All Statistics provided by Manukau City Council and valid as at February 2008.