KDS is virulent

The StrandedThe strain of Key Derangement Syndrome that the boyos at the Stranded have caught seems to be particularly nasty, they just can’t seem to shake it.

They are all a froth today about National’s supposed lack of policy, and John Key’s use of “hard working Kiwis“.

Steve Pierson has been busy trying out the latest talking points to see what resonates so Clark can use them next week. all_your_base continues to spin directly from the ninth floor.

None of them have yet worked out that the more nasty they get the higher in the polls John Key flies, that the electorate don’t care about Labour anymore and National’s lack of policies are better than Labour’s supposed plethora of policies.

National of course is not beholden to the Labour party or Steve Pierson or a_y_b for when they release policy. If they want some policy then how about calling an election. If they are so sure that Labour’s policies are the go then let’s test that on the hustings.