Keith Ng: Polling the depths

Don't PanicKeith Ng: Polling the depthsThe clock is ticking. Less than five months until the election and 20 points behind in the polls, Labour is still sticking to its strategy of waiting for National to make a mistake. Is there enough time for a comeback?
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Keith Ng has a column in todays HoS. It is very interesing especially the quotes provided by David Slack, Nigel Roberts and Jon Johansson, all of whom can be classed lefty wonks.

There is no comfort for the Clarkists in this column with all three using history, ironically, to show that the Clarkists days are done. Perhaps the best quote comes from Jon Johansson not the least because of the use of the word perfidy.

[quote] “One of the real truisms about long-term governments is that the things that get you there – what were once perceived as your strengths – are ultimately the things that bring you down. In Clark’s case, it was restoring legitimacy to the political order after a generation of broken promises. The premier symbol of that legitimacy was the original pledge card. Now look at what the pledge card looks like to people. It’s the premier symbol of Labour’s perfidy.

“That’s why long-term governments inevitably fall,” he says, “because the people at the top are the last ones to recognise that their entire situational dynamic has changed. Helen Clark and Heather Simpson are not going to win this election for the Labour Party by using the things that have worked for them in the past.”[/quote]

Indeed, perfidy is what is undoing Clark as all the chickens are coming home to roost. The younglings at the client blogs can’t understand what is happening because they were never around before to watch what happens. They rail against National and John Key for the very things that got Clark elected, they put their head in the sand like incumbent governments do exactly like the Shipley/Bolger government did and when they pull their heads out they’ll find that the body has been shot to hell. It’s over, call the election Clark.