Key backs election smacking referendum

Key backs election smacking referendumNational leader John Key says if campaigners get enough support to force a referendum on so-called smacking laws, the referendum should be held at this year’s election.
Prime Minister Helen Clark NZ Politics]

Joh Key has again snookered Labour over the smacking issue. Firstly he took it off the agenda by supporting the bill but only after labour copped the bashing of its life over it. He got none of the blame and all of the kudos.

Today after Clark came out and said no way to holding the referendum at the election Joh Key has come out and said he can see no reason not to, thus showing Clark the door. She now looks venal and self interested in her decision and he looks honorable and listening to the public, there goes another couple of points off Labour.

John Key once again grabs the moral high ground and leaves Labour and its client-blogs wondering what next?

Moral High Ground