Know your Weasel – Jordan Carter

Jordan CarterNow that Breasel (Brenden Sheehan) has been dispatched it is time to focus on another member of the Axis of Weasel, Jordan Carter or shall we call him Carteasel.

Carteasel is a funny little animal normally know to frequent burrows in Wellington, which is certainly a long way from Hunua. He has however now moved to Auckland which is still a substantial distance from Hunua. Though I don’t think Carteasel will spend too much time campaigning, it is kind of a lost cause in that seat to be a Labour candidate.

The best way I think to trap the Carteasel will be to use his own words….Carteasel does have an awful lot to say and thankfully most of it is online and in caches for all the world to see.

The good folk in Hunua will certainly want to eduate themselves as to what they may elect as will the rest of New Zealand if Carteasel gets himself a decent place on the list. Being a member of the Rainbow branch certainly enhances his chances.

Now onto Carteasels own words.

“If one was to believe everything that the Coast Action Network has to say, no Government MP should set foot within 50km of the feral bastards.”

Jordan Carters view on West Costers.

“You know what, I hope I do scare you – enough to give you a heart attack and
get you out of circulation.”

Jordan Carter responding to criticism

“I’m sure missing out on a business lunch or half a pair of trousers is
going to make them all apathetic..They quite clearly do not care about my money. And to be blunt, it’s payback time.

Jordan Carter’s view on tax cuts

“I wish Peters would die

Jordan Carter on Winston Peters

“Tiresome. I thought wanking was natural.
For some its a way of life.. Care to address the question”

Jordan Carter asking for some focus

“Libertarianism doesn’t work because it would restrict people’s choices and opportunities to those that their parents could deliver them, They’re not entitled to choice at anyone else’s expense.”

Jordan Carter on Liberterianism

“Neither is on my cards. I will simply change the Labour Party to suit

Jordan Carter on Labour harbouring right wingers like Phil Goff

“Cullen: someone whose prime role in politics is redistribution.”
Jordan Carter on Michael Cullen

“Indeed. And having embarked on a political career, one might expect to be
careful about what one said in a public forum. The fact of the matter is
that I have stated many, many times that I am here as Jordan Carter, Esq.
Now someone has shat on me (sp) from a great height for their personal
jollies. Good on him. I hope he’s happy about it”

Jordan Carter complaining about being quoted out of a newsgroup.

There are plenty more where those come from and then of course there is blog. Feel free to email me any pearls of wisdom from Carteasel.

Finally I’ll just leave you with this lovely picture of Carteasel.

Jordan Carter playing Jesus