Labour attack shoots Cullen

Cullen shot in the foot by himselfPeaceful history comments taken out of context – Key (+video)John Key has said comments he made on Newstalk ZB were taken out of context after he was criticised for saying New Zealand had a peaceful history.
The National Party leader told the station that New Zealand’s history was benign.
[NZ Politics]

The Labour Party is desperate, so desperate they have taken to using selective quotes and semnatics in an attempt to get John Key. Unfortunately in their desperate attempt to even get so much as one hit on John Key they all forgot the whinings of their Deputy Leader on Waitangi Day 2005 including the inept Doctor himself.

Their lies and smears and innuendo is falling on the deaf ears of the electorate and today they tried another pathetic attempt. Soundly supported by their state funded and employed bloggers they have tried to beat this up.

First up to the plate in the attack was failed history lecturer Dr Michael Cullen. If he is complaining about John Keys version of hisory then perhaps it was because John attended some of the good doctor’s pathetic levtures, because he himself said on Waitangi Day 2005.

[quote]that New Zealand was ?a country with a continuous political tradition unbroken by civil war or revolution for over 150 years, something a bare handful of countries can celebrate’.[/quote]

Which semantically is almost identical to John Key’s statement of;

[quote]?We may be many voices but ultimately we are one people. One of the unique things about New Zealand is that we are not a country that’s come about through civil war or a lot of fighting internally. We’re a country that peacefully came together – Maori and the Crown decided from both partners’ side that it was in their interests to have a peaceful negotiation. That’s what the Treaty was, a founding document – a development document – for New Zealand, and I think that we could work things out in a peaceful, sensible and mature way has actually been a defining part of New Zealand’s history. It’s very important, and it’s important we honour that now’.[/quote]

Pathetic beat up by a party so down on their luck that their morning meeting on the ninth floor have all taken on the air of a wake. Call the election Clark, times up and we’re waiting.