Labour Dunedin South doomed

I love it when the Labour thinks that calling in the Angel of Death is going to solve their problems.

It hasn’t worked for Shania Twain, the All Blacks, Team New Zealand, Gordon Brown or John Howard. What makes Labour’s Dunedin South branch think that Helen Clark can help fix the branch that HQ wrecked.

[quote] Attempts to heal some deep rifts in the Labour Party’s Dunedin South organisation are expected to be made during the visit to Dunedin by Prime Minister Helen Clark today and tomorrow.

Labour supporters in the electorate remain divided over the dumping of three-term MP David Benson-Pope as the party’s candidate this year in favour of Dunedin public relations consultant Clare Curran.

Moves have been planned to provide Miss Clark with an opportunity to meet members of the South Dunedin branch, which remains controlled by supporters of Mr Benson-Pope.[/quote]

Quite how the woman who orchestrated the demise of Panty Slut-boy will heal the rifts is beyond me. Nevertheless it is going to be fun watching the destruction.