Labour's fake Kiwi family is a fake Aussie family too

Look familiar? Labour’s fake Kiwi family is a fake Aussie family too (+photos)Labour’s Kiwi happy family photo, which this morning turned out to actually be American, can now be revealed to have already been used by the Australian government to portray fair dinkum Aussies.
Prime Minister Helen Clark earlier…
[NZ Politics]

Excuse my while I just go piss myself laughing. Labour have really screwed the pooch with this brochure.

So far they have used taxpayer money to pay for it, whilst no longer illegal I would’ve thought they’d learned from the last time they ripped us off to fund their election campaign.

Then they used a photo of an American family outside and American house for the brochure proving to bloggers at least that there just isn’t a happy family in New Zealand prepared to pose for a Labour brochure.

And finally the coup de grace, the photo was also used in the Australian election by KRudd’s Labor Party, now proving that Clark’s government has completely run out of ideas and is re-running Aussie election ads in a desperate bid to get traction.

Fake New Zealand family

fake Aussie family