Looks like Labour has broken the law again

Watchdog investigates Labour’s pamphletThe Electoral Commission may have to consider whether taxpayer funding for Labour’s Budget promotional brochure is a “donation” to the party under the Electoral Finance Act.
If it is, the commission will also have to determine…
[NZ Politics]

The pamphlet fiasco is growing for Labour. Firstly they raided the public kitty to pay for it, then they couldn’t even scare up a happy kiwi family for the photo and then it is found that Labor in Australia used the same image and now it looks like Labour have again breached their own law for failing to declare within 10 days the “donation” from Parliamentary Services of the costs of the pamphlet.

I think it is time these pricks were prosecuted.

It also again shows how inept these fools are when it comes to passing laws. They ignored the vast majority of submissions, they ignored the Human Rights Commission, they ignored the calls from the “ramshackle PR fiasco” that is the Free Speech Coalition. Everything we said would happen under this law has happened, the irony of it all though is it is Labour who have breached the law in almost every instance.

The only ramshackle PR fiasco to do with the Electoral Finance Act is Labour.