Loser Alert

Holidaymakers in the South Island looking to take photos of weird and unusual wildlife should make a beeline for Queenstown this weekend.

There, the greater spotted loser can be found, parading themselves around in bright colours for the amusement of passerbys.

Evidently this clan of Young Labour losers think that sinking some contraption of theirs, called a “Slippery Key Craft” into Lake Wakatipu is going to make people vote for Labour.

L is for LoserThe Young Labour representatives will take part in the Bird Man competition where they will plunge a “Slippery Key Policy Craft” into the icy waters of Wakatipu as a demonstration of how hollow the National Party is and to demonstrate how their policies will plunge and sink New Zealand. Don’t forget your party authorised hand signals fellas.

Maybe the craft will be a better metaphor for Labour’s current polling, plunging into the icy depths where the Labour government will drown?

I hope they have got all their authorisations in place because complaints will certainly be laid for each and every breach of the Electoral Finance Act including the press release that they have put out….Oh dear not very well versed in the law you supported are you?