Multiple orgasms in Aussie Parliament

No not what you think, there haven’t been research unit members shaggin on the Speaker’s Chair or the Prime minister’s seat.

More a case of malapropisms.

[quote]Victorian MP Jason Wood was supposed to be talking about genetically modified organisms when he ran into trouble.

And just in case anyone missed him talking about “genetically modified orgasms” the first time, he repeated it.

“I support the member for McMillan’s call for the government to conduct an independent broad-ranging scientific investigation into the genetic modification of food and biotechnology to assess not only the health of the crops and the food, but also the potential for contamination, the commercial implications for Australian primary industry, and the benefits and risks associated with genetically modified orgasms, orgasms,” Mr Wood said.

The La Trobe MP, who did not have the hallmarks of a great orator, sounded a little confused about the word, so tried pronouncing it two ways.

He did not correct his mistake, instead moving on rather hurriedly to the climax of his speech.[/quote]