National disgrace in supporting Hawkins

Labour set to close booze barnsHawkins set to try to get liquor store bill past ActManurewa MP George Hawkins and Act MP Heather Roy are set to play a political game of cat and mouse in Parliament tonight.
Mr Hawkins is to seek leave of the House to introduce his bill aimed at restricting the number of liquor…
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George Hawkins has succeeded in getting his bill accepted by parliament in a shameless bit of politicking on his behalf, ably supported by National who clearly do not have the facts about liquor outlets to hand.

John Key, let me tell you I am certainly very disappointed. The facts about liquor outlets do not in anyway support either Helen Clark’s or George Hawkins contentions. Not even remotely. You have just given Labour an excuse to look elsewhere other than their failed social agenda for the ills in South Auckland.

However you can redeem yourself by voting against the bill at every stage and deliver them a kicking in parliament as you use this bill to highlight that it isn’t the fault of liquor outlets in South Auckland that is causeing death and mayhem rather it is indolence, and vast sums of state money awash in the poor areas contributing to the parlous state of law and order.

Clark was heard to opine today that it the availabiilty of money to buy booze that is causing the problem, except instead of cutting the money available she is deadset on destroying someone’s private wealth by closing down their businesses and Labour once again is looking at eroding the private property rights of citizens.

Those liquor outlets have invested considerable capital in a) applying for licences, b) complying with by-laws and laws, c) renting and leasing premises, d)buying stock. Now the government wants, aided and abetted by National, to steal their wealth and destroy their businesses.

Why don’t they look at the source of the cash…..Working for Families benefits, WINZ and many other government coffers that seem to pour endless money into South Auckland for no appreciable improvement in conditions.

For National to support such ridiculous politicking drives me ever closer to ACT and their sensible 20 point plan.

One side benefit of Labour’s push to ban liquor outlets though is that most of these are owned by Indian New Zealanders who’s community have had a propensity to support Labour and may well now reconsider such support. Right now labour needs any support it can get.

Lastly, since when did banning anything ever work on anything, ever?