Oh no! I better hide

Apparently there is a Orca hunt on.

[quote]The great orca hunt is on.

Jean-Michel Cousteau is, like his late father Jacques-Yves Cousteau, an ocean explorer. He is in New Zealand this month to find and film orcas, or killer whales, using the experience and contacts of whale researcher Dr Ingrid Visser.

Orcas are the largest species of the oceanic dolphin family, and this is the time of year to spot them, said Dr Visser.

“Because it’s cold, they come in closer to shore to hunt rays for food.”

Dr Visser relies on the public to help spot orcas. “We have an 0800 number, and people just ring and let us know where they are.”[/quote]

This Orca is in Howick, looking forward to seeing y’all this morning with your cameras.